Light Alloy, Composite & Plastic Castings

Light Alloy, Composite & Plastic Castings

Nearly every product available today has gone through many manufacturing stages, including integrating components from many different companies along the way. Whether you provide raw materials, supply as an OEM, or bring the product to market, everyone is responsible for delivering quality. Varex Imaging’s X-ray detectors and tubes can help ensure material quality and help engineer a better design through research and development or failure analysis should a problem arise.
Varex Imaging understands this is a broad field of applications and requires the right combination of source and detector. Therefore, we offer products that provide the best imaging performance in this exceptionally challenging environment. Varex Imaging sources and detectors are optimized for durability, efficiency, and resolution.


X-ray Tubes

Varex Imaging manufactures industrial X-ray tubes for applications in non-destructive testing (NDT),


X-ray Detectors

Our X-Ray and photon counting detectors are designed to meet a broad spectrum of imaging application


Software Solutions

CBCT Software - Varex Imaging, a leading supplier of flat panel x-ray detectors used for 2D and 3D


X-ray Tube and Generator Subsystems

Varex Industrial Sub-systems providing engineered solutions for industrial applications. Combining m



The VAREX THERMICA coolers are re-circulating liquid to air devices. The coolers are NRTL listed and

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