Noninvasive cardiac imaging obtains images of the structure and function of the heart. It can be used for the diagnostic and prognostic assessment of patients for coronary catheterization, pre-operative assessment for cardiac surgery, stress tests, examining the flow velocity of vessels, cardiac studies, and to diagnose suspected or known coronary artery disease.
Varex Imaging offers a variety of X-ray tubes, X-ray detectors, and accessories that work together to complete your cardiac and surgical imaging system. Our X-ray tubes provide low-noise performance. In addition, our range of X-ray detectors offers high frame rates, excellent spatial resolution. Varex Imaging also offers high voltage connectors, collimators, bucky systems, and AEC sensors to complete your cardiac imaging system.


Replacement X-ray Tubes

The Varex Imaging replacement X-ray tube lineup provides an affordable OEM equivalent solution for e


X-ray Detectors

Varex Imaging X-ray detectors for digital radiography work by converting the X-rays that strike its


High Voltage Connections

We design and manufacture innovative high voltage interconnect solutions for medical, industrial, an



The Optica™ collimators are intended for integration with radiography and fluoroscopy systems. All


AEC Sensors

The Automatic Exposure Control sensors measure the dose rate of X-rays by conversion of X-ray photon


X-ray Tube Heat Exchangers

Varex Imaging offers a variety of heat exchangers for various applications.


X-ray Tube Housing

Varex offers a variety of housings for different modalities and accommodates different sized inserts

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