Nexus DR™Digital Imaging System

The Varex Imaging Nexus® DR software is an advanced digital image acquisition system designed to automate patient workflow. It is a cost-effective, trouble-free solution with advanced image processing algorithms for optimal image quality and excellent reliability.

The Nexus® DR is designed to provide fast, accurate diagnostic images with minimal user interaction. With that in mind, our engineers have spent countless hours optimizing the operation to allow the X-ray technologist to focus on the patient while quickly capturing high-quality images.


Advanced Image Quality:

  • Extensive pre-loaded exam profiles
  • Processing and enhancement tuned to each anatomical protocol
  • Site-specific tuning capability



  • Nexus® DR is designed to be packaged and resold to end-users by our
  • Nexus® DR package options can include a Varex Imaging X-ray detector and a complete workstation computer kit. When a complete hardware
    and software kit is purchased, Varex Imaging will set up and test the
    system with the X-Ray detector before shipment.


Easy to Use

  • IOS-like look and feel with a multi-touch monitor
  • Easy patient worklist selection when integrated with RIS
  • Extensive pre-loaded exam protocols
  • System guidance through the defined protocol with seamless image
    transfer to the DICOM server
  • DICOM 3.0 compliant


For more information, download the Nexus® DR Datasheet.

Request Nexus DR Product Manual

For technical support regarding Nexus imaging software, please call 1 315 234 6810.


Recommended Hardware specifications for Nexus® DR:

• Tablet, all-in-one, or small desktop PC
• Intel Core family CPU (4th generator or later)
• Windows 10 & 11 Professional® - 64 bit operating system
• 256 GB HD or SSD (not intended to be an archive device)
• 8 GB RAM
• Multi-touch monitor to enable touch capability
• Keyboard and mouse fully supported

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