Replacement X-ray Products

Quality and reliable components are at the heart of every X-ray imaging system. Breakdown in an X-ray imaging system can affect a great number of people: from the radiologists and technicians to the patients and their loved ones. Accurate and timely X-ray imaging can make a world of difference in how patients are diagnosed and treated.

Varex Imaging produces a wide portfolio of replacement X-ray tubes across a number of categories of medical imaging modalities. Our replacement X-ray tubes are built to reliably produce accurate results as the X-ray source for imaging systems from leading manufacturers, and our modality pages showcase the platform compatibility of each of our replacement X-ray tubes. For X-ray tube specifications, platform compatibility, and warranty information, please visit our replacement X-ray tube modality pages below.

Our Replacement X-ray Tubes by Modality

Computed Tomography




Mammography & Tomosynthesis




Product Service Requests

Varex Imaging does much more than just engineering and manufacturing X-ray components. Our global support and service centers around the world work tirelessly to ensure that our customers’ X-ray tubes and detectors are working correctly and safely. Making sure our customers can continue providing high quality results with their imaging systems is crucial to what we do.

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