CT X-ray Tubes

X-ray tubes are as core to our business and our history as they are to your computed tomography system. Our lineup of replacement computed tomography X-ray tubes has been engineered to work with a variety of CT imaging systems across many major manufacturers.

For more detailed information about specific replacement computed tomography X-ray tubes, please visit their respective product page. For questions regarding the availability of our replacement CT X-ray tubes and for any other questions, please fill out the contact form below or on any of our product pages.

ManufacturerManufacturer X-ray TubeManufacturer SystemVarex X-ray TubeHeat UnitsWarranty
General Electric/GEMX135 CT-H1ProSpeed A/I, CT/eGS-22762.0 MHU80k
General Electric/GEMX165NP,
HiSpeed DX/i, FX/i, LX/i, NX/iGS-3576S3.5 MHU120k
General Electric/GESolarix 350BrightSpeed Select,
BrightSpeed 4/8/16,
Optima 520
GS-3576S3.5 MHU150k
General Electric/GEPerformix,
Performix Pro,
Performix Ultra
Optima 540
MCS-60746.3 MHU12 mo
General Electric/GEPerformix VCT 100,
MX 240,
LightSpeed Pro 16,
LightSpeed Pro 16 RT,
LightSpeed Pro 32,
LightSpeed VCT,
LightSpeed Xtra,
Discovery VCT,
Optima 580
MCS-80648.0 MHU12 mo
PhilipsCTR 2150Brilliance 6,
Brilliance 16,
GS-51725.2 MHU200k
NeusoftCTR 1725NeuViewGS-50765.0 MHU100k
NeusoftCTR 1740NeuViz DualGS-50765.0 MHU150k

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