Oncology treatment systems utilize a powerful, high-energy X-ray source to irradiate tumors, combined with a cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) or stereotactic imaging system to pinpoint the tumor site before and during treatment. State-of-the-art oncology, radiation therapy, and radiosurgery systems demand the best X-ray tubes and X-ray detector technologies available.
Varex Imaging’s high-energy X-ray tubes and X-ray detectors feature the technology needed to perform in this critical environment. In addition, our tubes and detectors are specifically designed to withstand these high-energy environments, ensure a longer lifetime, and provide a lower cost-of-ownership.


OEM X-ray Tubes

Varex Imaging OEM products are used in X-ray imaging equipment for medical diagnostics, dentistry, v


X-ray Detectors

Varex Imaging X-ray detectors for digital radiography work by converting the X-rays that strike its


High Voltage Connections

We design and manufacture innovative high voltage interconnect solutions for medical, industrial, an


Software Solutions

Varex Imaging offers interdisciplinary software solutions in radiologic imaging, including software


X-ray Tube Heat Exchangers

Varex Imaging offers a variety of heat exchangers for various applications.

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