Mammography X-ray Tubes

As a leading manufacturer of mammography X-ray tubes, we understand how crucial reliability and quality are when choosing a replacement X-ray tube for your mammography imaging system. Our replacement mammography X-ray tubes were designed for compatibility across a wide range of mammography systems.

For more detailed information about specific replacement mammography X-ray tubes, please visit their respective product page. For questions regarding the availability of our replacement mammography X-ray tubes and for any other questions, please fill out the contact form below or on any of our product pages.

HousingInsert NameFocal SpotKW RatingTarget AngleTarget SizeHeat Units
B-110, B-112, B-115M-1130.1-0.31.32/4.910°/16°3"300 kHU
B-110, B-112, B-115M-113SP0.1-0.31.32/4.910°/16°3"300 kHU
B-110, B-112, B-115RAD-85S0.1-0.30.56/3.0*16°4"600 kHU

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