X-ray Detectors

X-ray Detectors

Varex Imaging X-ray detectors for digital radiography work by converting the X-rays that strike its surface into light and then turning the light into electronic data that a computer can display as a high-quality digital image.
Our X-ray detectors combine the best in amorphous silicon sensor panels, radiation-converting materials, low-noise analog, and high-speed digital electronics, custom ASIC control, processing electronics, and compact packaging.
Varex Imaging X-ray detectors provide:
• Dynamic Usage: providing fluoroscopy and radiography in one package
• High-quality Images: low-noise, high frame rates, and high resolution
• Easy-Integration: software allows for easy integration into any OEM system

Varex Product
Technology Panel Size Pixel Matrix PIXEL SIZE µm
30 cm x 24 cm
3584 x 2816
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