High Energy

High Energy

High Energy (HE) scanning allows inspection of highly dense and critical parts such as those used in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries. Typical applications readily scanned by High Energy systems include large and complex assemblies, rocket engines and tanks, nickel-based alloys, combustion chambers, engine blocks, turbine blades, and more.
Varex Imaging can guide you to success in developing a complete HE system. Our products are specifically designed to withstand the extreme stresses and unique imaging challenges of linear accelerator-based systems. In addition, Varex Imaging has a proven track record in high-energy DR and CT system components.


X-ray Detectors

Our X-Ray detectors are designed to meet a broad spectrum of imaging applications in the industrial


Linear Accelerators

Our high-energy linear accelerators (also known as Linacs), Linatron™, can be found in most cargo


Software Solutions

CBCT Software - Varex Imaging, a leading supplier of flat panel x-ray detectors used for 2D and 3D



The VAREX THERMICA coolers are re-circulating liquid to air devices. The coolers are NRTL listed and

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