CBCT Software

Varex Imaging, a leading supplier of flat panel x-ray detectors used for 2d and 3d imaging, provides a companion image processing library with correction algorithms that are physics-based corrections and both Feldkamp and Statistical CBCT reconstruction in an easy-to-use software toolkit: CBCT Software Tools, or CST for short.

CST comprises a suite of Windows-based software libraries that enables OEMs to quickly develop software that produces high-quality 2D images or 3D reconstructions for industrial applications. Scattered radiation from the part, room, and detector impacts the achievable image fidelity as contrast is reduced and resolution is degraded. CST has scatter correction algorithms, 2D and 3D VSharp™, as well as a machine learning-based, scatter algorithm that significantly improves image quality in radiography and reconstructed images at industrial x-ray energies. In addition, a multi-material beam hardening algorithm reduces the cupping artifact seen in 3D reconstructed images and improves CT number uniformity. And REA, our resolution enhancement algorithm, removes the impact of scintillator light spread, producing crisper, higher resolution images.


Our tomographic reconstruction software encapsulates individual processing steps into separate plugins. Thus, a host application can use any or all of the plugins provided. At the heart of our cone beam imaging software is the Image Processing Pipeline for simplified integration with parameters stored in standard XML files. This library manages the available plugins and acts as the single interface between an OEM host application and the CST plugins.


Image Processing Pipeline Library Features

  • Has a stable, easy to use API supporting both .NET and C++ host applications
  • Over 25 Years, Varex Imaging supplied image processing plugins.
  • Supports different panels, geometries, and scan types
  • Supports simultaneous acquisition and reconstruction processing