May 2, 2019

Varex Imaging Industrial X-ray Application Development Testing and Inspection Lab

Varex Imaging has opened an Industrial X-ray Application Development Testing and Inspection Lab in Franklin Park, Illinois. The new facility provides our customers with access to…

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Varex Imaging has opened an Industrial X-ray Application Development Testing and Inspection Lab in Franklin Park, Illinois.  The new facility provides our customers with access to MV X-ray sources, kV X-ray tubes and a wide range of industrial flat panels and decades of industrial imaging expertise to help them meet the challenging requirements of today’s industrial imaging applications.

With our move to the new facility at Franklin Park IL, conveniently located within a mile of O’Hare airport, we invested in high energy test cells that enable our customers to develop their applications, test our products, collaborate with our experts and broaden their knowledge in a cost-effective way.


Imagine you are developing a MV inspection product, in our facility, you will be able to learn how to properly synchronize the accelerator and the flat panel, develop interface control software for the accelerator, and test the application well in advance of your product launch.  In addition, we offer customized training on a wide variety of digital imaging topics.

Franklin Park is a uniquely well-equipped center for Industrial Imaging – X-ray tubes from 225 kV microfocus to multiple HPX-450-11, 450 kV sources are available. These tubes utilize generators from leading OEMs.  Numerous Linatrons encompassing energy ranges from 1 MeV up to 9 MeV along with flat panels from 15 cm x 15 cm up to 43 cm x 43 cm active areas are available to mix and match to your specific application needs.   Our large inventory of readily accessible X-ray equipment within a flexible facility for application development with access to Varex Imaging’s scientists and engineers is already being utilized by some of the leading OEM’s in the market.

We also offer CT inspection services.  In the lab we offer high energy digital detector arrays and high energy sources (225 kV microfocus, 450 kV and megavolt CT scanning systems using our Linatrons capable of operating at 1MeV or 3MeV) for acquiring high contrast CT images.  While providing high quality results to our scanning services customers, it also allows our team to stay current with the latest trends and requirements for inspection technology. As well as the equipment the Varex Imaging team can offer real expertise in industrial flat panel technology, cutting edge engineering and deep knowledge of accelerators and software – at Franklin Park you can leverage our expertise for your application.  We can demonstrate our CST image processing toolkit for both 2D and 3D imaging that includes resolution enhancement, lag correction, object and detector scatter correction, beam hardening as well as image reconstruction. Our OEM’s can implement all or portions of the software library into their customer-facing software to produce high-fidelity images of the scanned object.

Our aim in opening the Franklin Park lab is to enable and facilitate our customers to make the right decisions on which components to use in their systems and projects and to partner with them to provide solutions to the challenges of today’s industrial imaging applications.  Contact us if you want to visit or receive a demo of our new products.