June 28, 2021

LUMEN 4336W Wireless Radiography Detector

The new LUMEN 4336W has been designed with reliability in mind from the start. By simplifying the construction of the internal components, we have minimized potential points of failure while also improving the design of the housing to provide added protection from external shocks.

Monday, June 28, 2021



The LUMEN 4336W joins the LUMEN 4343W as part of a new generation of detectors designed for increased durability and convenience for customers and end-users.  The LUMEN 4336W includes the following features and benefits:

  • Common hardware for wireless or tethered operation
    • With the simple selection of a tether cable or a battery, the same detector hardware is configured as tethered or wireless
  • Common software interface
    • The simple Varex Imaging Smart Panel   interface allows our customers to integrate the LUMEN detector family with minimal effort
  • For our customers using the existing 4336W there are no new software requirements at all!
  •  Accessories that are universal across detector sizes
    • Batteries, chargers, tether cables are all common to all detector sizes

The development of a family of detectors like this, with common, interchangeable parts  – simplifies inventory and will allow for flexibility in OEM configurations.



The LUMEN 4336W has been designed with reliability in mind. By simplifying the construction of the internal components, Varex Imaging has minimized potential points of failure while also improving the design of the housing to provide protection from external shocks.

Varex Imaging’s Engineering Team built upon our experience with the previous 4336 radiographic detector which has a B10 value of 6.9 years. This means that 90% of our previous generation 4336 detectors were in the field for almost 7 years before any service was required, and we expect that the B10 value of LUMEN series should improve on the value of the predecessor 4336.



The LUMEN 4336W has increased resistance to water ingress with an industry leading rating of IP68. This means that the LUMEN 4336W will be ready for real world use, from the physical challenges of the emergency department to the frequent disinfection cycles now demanded by changing standards of care.  .

As is the case with any mechanical component – small pieces can wear out after sustained use – especially with so many years in the field, and varying use cases. For these items, the LUMEN series  of detectors come prepared. Varex Imaging has engineered simple field replacements for the most common mechanical failures.

At Varex Imaging, our ambition is to design a detector which never leaves the healthcare facility for service.  By eliminating the need for returns for commonly worn-out parts, together with the LUMEN series’  improved design  & robustness, we believe that the LUMEN series has the potential to  remain in the field for their full useful life without ever needing a service return.


The LUMEN detector has an integrated inductive charger that allows wireless charging in a bucky, on a table-top, or in a carry case… wherever your detector may be between shots.

To simplify integration Varex Imaging offers a charging module that may be incorporated into accessories designed by our customers or a complete charger that is designed to be retrofit into an existing bucky.

Even with the possibility of more than 1,000 images on a single charge – there are still times when a battery must be swapped.  To simplify this process, the LUMEN detector will stay powered for a few minutes once the battery is removed.  In this hot-swappable state, one cannot take images – but any WiFi connection is maintained – allowing the operator to take images again with no delay once a fresh battery has been inserted.



All the features in the Varex Imaging LUMEN  4336W detector are coupled with the excellent image quality that Varex Imaging has built our reputation on.  Our engineering expertise in solving high sensitivity and low noise imaging challenges means that the mechanical improvements described here are always matched with best experience we can provide – making the invisible, visible.