We are always looking to advance the field of digital radiology by producing new breeds of X-ray tubes that work seamlessly with our flat panels and imaging software. This ambition, combined with the innovation of our technology, allows for better care and raised hopes for millions of patients worldwide.

With the acquisition of PerkinElmer Imaging Components, Varex now offers XRpad flat panel detectors.

XRpad flat panel detectors features include:

  • Fits in conventional ISO 4090 film bucky, like a film-screen cassette
  • Best-in-class 100 µm pixel pitch
  • High resolution, direct deposition CsI for excellent image quality and environmental protection
  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) 
  • 16 bit digitization 

While developing the XRpad products, there was a focus on image quality and radiation dose reduction to benefit the patients. The XRpad flat panels offer outstanding performance - especially when imaging small anatomical features such as bone fractures and lung nodules. This is the result of the combination of best-in-class 100 µm pixel pitch, direct deposition CsI scintillator, low noise electronics, and numerous other innovations in the design of these FPDs. 

In addition to our flat panel detectors and X-ray tubes, we offer a variety of connect and control products, as well as our Nexus DR™ software for digital radiography applications.