Sunny Sanyal - Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Clarence Verhoef

Chief Financial Officer

Kim Honeysett

Senior Vice President, General Counsel, & Corporate Secretary

Andrew Hartmann

Senior Vice President, Medical Global Sales and Marketing

Carl Lacasce

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Industrial Imaging

Mark Jonaitis

Senior Vice President & General Manager, X-ray Sources

Brian Giambattista

Senior Vice President & General Manager, X-ray Detectors

Marcus Kirchhoff

Vice President & General Manager, Software Solutions

Dave Frick

Vice President of Operations

Shaohua Liang

Vice President & Managing Director of China

Chad Holman

Chief Human Resources Officer

Victor Garcia

Vice President of Regulatory & Quality Compliance

Matt Lowell

Vice President of Finance, Treasury, & Business Development

Howard Goldman

Director of Investor & Public Relations