3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is able to supply important supplementary information in the NDT X-ray inspection process.  3D CBCT makes a more accurate analysis of the inspection item possible than radiography can do due to the depiction of the inspection item in 3D. In addition CBCT supplies valuable information for the production process itself, which can help to speed up processes, for instance during initial prototyping, or to reduce the number of rejects by using CT data to enable the process to be corrected on a timely basis. 

There are a great many areas for using computed tomography, ranging from highly specialized tasks in CT inline inspection to universal X-ray systems, metrology and high-resolution CT to inspection of microelectronics. For example, inner structures and remaining wall thicknesses can be determined precisely using computed tomography, even in the case of complex components. Information like this is indispensable, especially during prototype qualification.  

Our flat panel detectors enhance NDT 3D CBCT systems with their: 

  • High dynamic range and contrast
  • High saturation dose 
  • High speed and small pixel pitch

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