Digital radiography (DR) allows for faster X-ray image acquisitions and lower patient dose exposures due to the use of digital flat panel detectors versus film. The use of DR has gained popularity due to its convenience and the wide range of useful medical and industrial applications

Varex manufactures one of the largest selection of radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging tubes in the industry.  Each tube is high quality and long lasting with low noise high speed bearings. The tubes feature rhenium-tungsten molybdenum targets and are available with focal points ranging from 0.3 to 2.0 mm. 

At Varex, we are always looking to advance the field of digital radiography by producing new breeds of X-ray tubes that work seamlessly with our flat panel detectors and imaging software. This ambition, combined with our innovative technology, help our customers to provide better care and raised hopes for millions of patients worldwide.

When developing flat panel detectors, we focus on image quality and radiation dose reduction to benefit patients. Whether you require imaging small anatomical features such as bone fractures or lung nodules, to larger areas, our flat panels offer outstanding performance due to numerous design innovations such as:  Wireless panels, Auto Trigger (vTrigger), onboard corrections, easy integration, and CsI & DRZ+ technology options.

For DR software solutions, Varex offers Nexus DR: an advanced digital image acquisition system designed to automate patient work flow. It is a cost effective solution that includes advanced image processing algorithms for optimal image quality and excellent reliability.

Designed to provide fast and accurate diagnostic images with minimal user interaction, Nexus DR is an efficient solution for your digital radiography needs. Optimized work flow with this product will allow X-ray technologists to focus on the patient while easily capturing high quality images.

To complete your DR system, Varex offers Claymount high voltage connector, collimators, bucky systems, and AEC sensors.