Pets and animals deserve the excellent treatment when it comes to the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Pets, companion animals, and agricultural livestock now benefit from the same flat panel technology used in X-ray systems for human patients.

Our flat panel detectors offers technology to effectively image small structure in animals such as birds to larger areas in horses with high resolution and outstanding image quality.

The Varex 2530W flat panel is a durable, light weight, wireless flat panel detector designed for digital radiographic imaging with the ambulatory veterinarian in mind. The 10”x12” capture area is ideal for maneuvering around the distal limb, yet large enough for a cervical spine or skull. The 2530W is equipped with Wi-Fi direct technology, allowing it to connect to the acquisition device without the need of an access point. Automatic Exposure Detection technology allows the 2530W to be compatible with any X-ray generator.



Imaging Solutions for your Veterinary System