The Linatron K-15 Linear Accelerator is the ultimate high-energy accelerator for nondeLinatron K15structive testing (NDT) and inspection. With outputs configurable up to 15 MeV, it can penetrate large castings and solid parts. At full output, dose rates can be configured for well over 12,000 rads/min-m. The K-15 is mountable on a fixed surface or yoke. The trunnion mounting feature allows the K-15 to be operated at a variety of orientations to make large object inspection much easier. 

The K-15 has a wide variety of optional features to meet specific requirements. The optional filter wheel allows users to remotely select one of four different custom filters. In addition, variable collimators can adjust the beam from four independent axes. The retractable laser sighting tool will identify the precise location of the beam center.

For more information, download the Linatron K15 Datasheet.


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Varex Imaging offers a wide range of accessories to meet most linear accelerator needs.


Collimators can be attached to Linatron systems along the primary beam path to shape the beam for specific applications. Fixed collimators are circular disks (usually tungsten) with openings that can be cut to the user's specifications. Variable collimators are also available when frequent changes of the beam shape are necessary. 

  • Fixed collimator (specify opening)
  • Variable external collimator with remote control
  • Variable external collimator with rotation

Communication Port Options

Linatron systems are self-contained and do not require communication to external devices for normal operation. However, an optional PC interface can be provided which allows a PC to replace the standard control console. The following communication options are available: 

  • Mod buss
  • Ethernet


Exposure Meter

Radcal 2026 Single Sensor Exposure Meter


Flattening Filters

Flattening filters are circular disks that are a factory-installed option, custom designed based on unique customer requirements—often designed to improve flatness to about 85%. Since a flattening effect occurs by absorbing more dose at the center of the beam, the overall dose rate is typically reduced by about 50%.


Laser Direction Aids

  • Standard laser
  • Dual plane alignment laser


Motorized Tables

Varex can help select a motorized table per your requirements.


Shielding Options

Additional shielding provides greater reduction of leakage radiation, which is defined as radiation outside of a 60-degree cone along the central beam axis.


Spare Parts Kits

Spare parts kits are available for most Linatron systems. These allow system owners to have selected components on-hand that will decrease the repair time for a number of common consumable and limited-life items.


Spot Size

The M9, K9, and K15 are available with small spot size options. Please refer to specific datasheets for the specifications relating to standard spot sizes and the small spot size options.


Temperature Control Units

Varex Linatron systems typically require fluidic cooling with a water/antifreeze mixture at a constant 30 degrees C. Varex provides a number of temperature control units for this purpose.


Voltage Regulators

Varex voltage regulators are optional components used with Linatron systems when the facility power is under-regulated or operating at an incompatible voltage. When needed, these are custom configured for a specific Linatron operating at a specific location. Varex engineers are available to help ensure that the power at a particular site is appropriate for reliable Linatron operation.

The Power Line Conditioner consists of an all copper, multiple tapped, triple shield isolation transformer. The low output impedance of the transformer in conjunction with the electrostatic shields assures precision, hospital-grade performance with excellent noise and transient attenuation. Independently controlled inverse parallel electronic switches for each of the 7 taps per phase provide tight regulation over a wide input range. Linear devices are used for line synchronization to prevent phase shift errors normally associated with simple CT zero current crossing acquisition. The microprocessor control accurately selects the correct tap to maintain the output no greater than +2.5% of nominal with a typical AC input, correcting for voltage disturbances within one cycle. Digital processing technique provides fast and accurate regulation without output voltage over or undershoots.