Varex Imaging’s family of OEM and replacement CT tubes utilize glass or ceramic and both bi-polar and anode end grounded (AEG) designs. The AEG tubes are designed for higher heat load, reduced off focal radiation, high power and a higher “G” force capacity. This technology allows customers to take full advantage of superior image quality with the capability of higher throughput and significant workflow efficiencies.

ManufacturerManufacturer ProductManufacturer Tube NameVarex ProductHeat UnitsWarranty
NeusoftNeuViz Dual, NeuViewGS-5076GS-5076 更多资源5.0 MHU150000
General Electric/GEBrightSpeed Edge / Elite /Excel, Discovery LS PET/CT, Discovery NM/CT670, Discovery PET/CT600, Discovery RX, Discovery STE PET/CT, HiSpeed NX/I Pro, HiSpeed ZX/i, HiSpeed CT/i, LightSpeed 16 / Plus / QX/I / RT / Ultra- ,5/.8 scan speed, Optima 540Performix, Performix BrightSpeed, Performix Pro, Performix UltraMCS-6074 更多资源6.3 MHU70000
Philips, SiemensBrilliance 6 Slice, Brilliance 10 Slice, Brilliance 16 Slice, Mx 8000 IDT 10 Slice, MX 8000 IDT 16 Slice, Biograph 16 PET/CT, Somotom Sensation Cardiac, Somatom Sensation 10, Somatom Sensation 16Akron Q/S532QGS-532Q/AKRON Q 更多资源5.32 MHU120000
General Electric/GEHiSpeed Advantage, CT/IMX165 HiSpeed, ZeusGS-3576HS 更多资源3.5 MHU120000
General Electric/GESYTEC 2000/3000/4000MX115GS-1562 更多资源1.5 MHU80000
ElscintSelect CTGS-1584GS-1584 更多资源1.5 MHU50000
ShimadzuSCT 3000, 4500, 4800TFDA180GS-15851.5 MHU40000
Elscint1800/2000/SprintGS-1587GS-15871.5 MHU50000
PhilipsTomoscan LX, LX/C, SR6000DA220GS-2070 更多资源2.0 MHU60000
PhilipsTomoscan SR4000GS-2072GS-2072 更多资源2.0 MHU60000
ShimadzuSCT 5000T, 4800TH, 7000TCDA220 GS-20752.0 MHU60000
ElscintHELICAT IIGS-2077GS-20772.0 MHU100000
Elscint2400/2400 ELITE/2400 ELECTGS-2079GS-20792.0 MHU50000
Marconi/PickerPQ 2000CTR1563RC, CTR1590RCGS-2086PQ 更多资源2.0 MHU60000
General Electric/GESytec SR/I, Sytec Synergy, HILIGHT ADVANTAGEMX135 Sytec, Mini Venus, JupiterGS-2176 更多资源2.0 MHU80000
General Electric/GEPro Speed A/I, CT/e, CT Dual, AI, HiLight AdvantageMX135 CT-H1GS-2276 更多资源2.0 MHU80000
General Electric/GECT-MAX, Sytec 1600/1800MX-100CTGS-270 更多资源600 kHU40000
PhilipsTomoscan SR, 5000/6000VGS-3070GS-3070 更多资源3.5 MHU60000
PhilipsTomoscan AV, PF, SR6000GS-3072GS-3072 更多资源3.5 MHU60000
ElscintSelect CTGS-3074GS-3074 更多资源3.5 MHU100000
ShimadzuSCT-7000TS, SCT 7800T, SCT-7000TX, SCT 7800TF, SCT7800TEDA240 GS-3075A3.5 MHU100000
ElscintCT-TWIN, HELICATGS-3077GS-3077 更多资源3.5 MHU300000
General Electric/GESytec 6000, Sytec 8000, Sytec ProSpeedMX165 ProSpeedGS-3576PS 更多资源3.5 MHU120000
General Electric/GEHiSpeed DX/I, HiSpeed FX/I, HiSpeed LX/IMX165NPGS-3576S 更多资源3.5 MHU120000
General Electric/GEBrightSpeed Edge (Select / Lite), BrightSpeed Elite (Select / Lite), BrightSpeed Excel (Select / Lite)MX165 BrightSpeedGS-3576S 更多资源3.5 MHU150000
Marconi/PickerPQ 5000CTR1762RGQ, CTR1790RGQGS-5076 更多资源5.0 MHU100000
ElscintCT-TWIN, HELICAT, Flash, RTFGS-5079GS-5079 更多资源5.0 MHU300000
Marconi/PickerPQ 5000CTR1791RGQGS-60766.5 MHU120000
ElscintCT-TWIN, HELICAT, RTFGS-6079GS-60797.0 MHU100000
General Electric/GEDiscovery NM/CT570c, Discovery PET/CT690, Discovery RX VCT, Discovery VCT, LightSpeed Pro 16, LightSpeed Pro 32, LightSpeed Pro 100, LightSpeed VCT 100, LightSpeed VCT Select, LightSpeed VCT Xtra, LightSpeed VCT XT, Optima CT580RTHerculesMCS-8064 更多资源8.0 MHU6000
General Electric/GECT-MAXMX-100CTS-270 更多资源400 kHU40000
Elscint2400/2400 ELITE/2400 ELECTGS-1579GS-15791.5 MHU50000
PhilipsMX-4000GS-5076GS-5076 更多资源5.0 MHU100000
PhilipsMX-6000 DualGS-5076GS-5076 更多资源5.0 MHU150000
PhilipsMX-8000AKRON BGS-532B/AKRON B 更多资源5.32 MHU150000
ShimadzuSCT 50001, SCT 6800, SCT 7000TC, SCT 7000TH, SCT 7000TSGS-2075AGS-2075A2.0 MHU60000
ShimadzuSCT-7000TX, SCT-7800TH, SCT 78000TF, SCT 7800TE, SCT 7000TS, SCT 6800GS-4575GS-45755.0 MHU60000
ShimadzuSCT-7000TS, SCT-7800TXGS-5075GS-50756.5 MHU100000
SiemensSomatom HI-QGS-2030GS-20302.0 MHU50000

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