Varex Imaging (as Varian Medical Systems) was the first company in the world to deliver amorphous silicon flat-panel detectors capable of both fluoroscopic and radiographic digital imaging. Varex’s X-ray flat panel detectors for digital radiography work by converting the X-rays that strike its surface into light, and then turning the light into electronic data that a computer can display as a high-quality digital image.

Our flat panel detectors combine the best in amorphous silicon sensor panels, radiation-converting materials, low-noise analog and high-speed digital electronics, custom ASIC control and processing electronics, and compact packaging.

Varex also offers CMOS flat panel X-ray detectors. These detectors employ an innovative CMOS sensor design to provide a new level of performance and reliability for X-ray systems used in mammography, fluoroscopy, cone beam CT, and projection radiography markets in medical and dental. Its major advantages are high frame rates, low noise, high reliability, no image lag, and high spatial resolution. Clinical benefits in medical applications include lower radiation dose to the patient without compromising image quality. CMOS Detectors are more flexible, more stable, more sensitive, and faster than TFT-based flat panel detectors while producing higher resolution images.


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Product Technology Panel Size Pixel Matrix Pixel Size µm Energy Range (kV) Scintillator Type
2020X Dynamic
20 x 20 cm

1024 x 1024
512 x 512

2020DXV Dynamic
20 x 20 cm

1024 x 1024
512 x 512

2121DXV Dynamic
21 x 21 cm

1024 x 1024
512 x 512

3030DXV Dynamic
30 x 30 cm

1536 x 1536
768 x 768


System manufacturers are responsible for qualifying and validating their products for their intended uses and meeting all applicable requirements.

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