XRD 1642

The XRD 1642 flat panel detector is for real-time imaging and a high dynamic range. The XRD 1642 flat panel detector belongs to the Varex Imaging product family of 16 inch (41 cm) field of view amorphous silicon detectors.

Varex Imaging XRD 1642 offers over 87 dB of dynamic range and frame rates up to 100 fps via multiple read-out modes. A broad range of energy levels from 20 kV to 15 MV is supported with several shielding and scintillator options. Rapid system integration is accomplished via Gigabit Ethernet data communication, integrated trigger and X-ray synchronization circuitry, and a comprehensive software library for image acquisition and processing.

Wide energy range, variable frame rates, and multiple shielding options allow the Varex Imaging XRD 1642 AP to meet imaging requirements for various applications such as radiation oncology therapy for cancer treatment, as well as life and physical science.

Features and benefits of the XRD 1642 flat panel detector include:

  • Radiation-hardened for harsh environments
  • 400 μm pixel pitch
  • Up to 65,536 gray levels (16-bit ADC)
  • X-ray energies from 20 kV to 15 MV
  • Selectable gain settings
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
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Varex Product
Technology Panel Size Pixel Matrix PIXEL SIZE µm
XRD 1642
41 cm x 41 cm
1024 × 1024
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