Food & Pharma

Food & Pharma

From brand protection to recall prevention, Varex Imaging products deliver multiple benefits to the global food industry.
Safety, quality, maintaining yield, and increasing automation are at the forefront of today’s high-performance food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Varex Imaging range of products has been designed to respond to challenges in these areas via photon counting detectors that enable high continuous throughout based on fast imaging while maintaining high sensitivity, with dual-energy options and multiple imaging modes including frame rate and scanning to suit requirements. In addition, our modular detector design means we have the adaptability to cater to the variety in width of conveyor belts and geometries of processing units.


X-ray Tubes

Varex Imaging manufactures industrial X-ray tubes for applications in non-destructive testing (NDT),


X-ray Detectors

Our X-Ray detectors are designed to meet a broad spectrum of imaging applications in the industrial


X-ray Tube and Generator Subsystems

Varex Industrial Sub-systems providing engineered solutions for industrial applications. Combining m



The VAREX THERMICA coolers are re-circulating liquid to air devices. The coolers are NRTL listed and

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