The DC-Hydra series of medical photon counting detectors is designed and optimized for high quality, single and dual energy scanning applications. The proprietary, direct conversion photon technology offers high sensitivity and true 100 µm pixel resolution, even at faster scanning speeds. Direct conversion technology does not suffer from blur or image lag typically caused by the scintillator used in conventional detectors. Photon counting makes efficient use of the received X-rays, making it possible to reduce patient dose or to increase scanning speed depending on the application preference.

One key benefit of photon counting is the dual energy imaging functionality, which allows separation of different tissue types, such as bone and soft tissue, without artificial software processing. There is no need for kVp modulation, dual sources or additional beam filters as the dual energy is natively in each and every pixel. This produces excellent spatial registration unlike multi-layer detectors.

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Technology Panel Size Pixel Matrix PIXEL SIZE µm
Photon Counting
6 mm x 277-771 mm
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