Microfocus Subsystem

From one source and easy to integrate - the Varex Industrial components create a Microfocus Subsystem optimized to industrial users’ needs.  The Microfocus Subsystem offers a matched and optimized imaging chain for 2D or 3D X-ray inspection systems with the high reliability and performance you know and trust from Varex Industrial.

The Microfocus Subsystem combines a proprietary image correction library with a fully characterized 180kV microfocus source and choice of digital detector.  Varex has characterized digital detectors to work optimally with the Closed Microfocus Source and image correction software.

Central to the Subsystem is Varex Cone Beam Software Toolkit (CST) enhancing the capabilities of the microfocus source and detector. The toolkit provides ready-to-use corrections based on a standard configuration, panel specific corrections for lag and resolution enhancement and system specific corrections for scatter, beam hardening and system geometry.

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