When is a photon-counting detector the right choice? When the application requires features such as ultra-fast X-ray imaging, material discrimination, and high performance at low dose.

Our direct conversion photon counting technology uses CdTe/CdZnTe to directly convert photons to energy without the need for a scintillator. Detectors based on photon counting technology have intrinsic properties including very high spatial resolution, very high contrast to noise ratio, multi-energy capabilities, high X-ray absorption and sensitivity, and high efficiency.

The DC-THOR series detectors enable selective energy imaging, providing powerful removal of low energy scatter radiation, and identifying defects that are hard to see with single energy imaging. The superior radiation hardness of CdTe compared to scintillator detectors supports a longer detector lifetime. The XC-THOR has both scanning and frame mode outputs. Both modes can be operated at high speed, provide high efficiency at high resolution, resulting in superb image quality.

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Varex Product
Technology Panel Size Pixel Matrix PIXEL SIZE µm Energy Range (kV) Scintillator Type
Photon Counting
50 mm - 400 mm x 25/51 mm
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