Varex LUMEN 4336W is a lightweight flat panel detector designed for digital radiographic systems. The new LUMEN 4336W has been designed with reliability and robustness in mind. Varex Imaging’s renowned image quality now comes in a package that can better withstand the challenges of the emergency department including the increased disinfection cycles demanded by changing standards of care.

LUMEN 4336W has an industry leading IP68 rating and features to simplify integration such as a single detector for both wireless and tethered use, wireless charging and accessories that are common across the LUMEN series. The field service kit allows the users to fix the most common issues in the field rather than returning them for service.

LUMEN 4336W Technical Specifications

LUMEN 4336W Technical Specifications Overview

Technology Panel Size Pixel Matrix Pixel Size µm Energy Range (kV) Scintillator Type
43 x 36 cm

2476 x 3072

40-150 DRZ/Csl

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