Our flat panel detectors are used in digital radiographic inspection systems which are widely used to verify welding integrity and enhance manufacturing process control. X-ray technology has played a significant role in the field of weld inspection. Defects such as porosity, cracks, lack of fusion, undercut, and inclusions can be found in welds quickly and objectively using advanced X-ray inspection systems.

Our customers’ weld inspection systems can be integrated directly into the manufacturing process to allow semi-automatic real time X-ray inspection providing pass/fail assessments with minimum operator intervention. The inspection of irregularities in welded seams is indispensable for quality assurance in the production of pipelines, whether for steel or other special alloys.

Our flat panel X-ray detectors provide significant advantages in speed and resolution. In addition, our CMOS detectors have a switchable pixel gain that makes them well suited to real time imaging and CT as well as static imaging.

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