Varex Imaging at International Security Expo

Monday, November 26, 2018


Kirstie Mogilner

Industrial Marketing Manager

International Security Expo  |  28-29 November 2018  | London, England

The International Security Expo (ISE) provides a unique platform for the entire industry to come together to source products, share experience, and gain the knowledge needed to address current and emerging security challenges. Varex Imaging will be exhibiting at the show booth #H50.

Varex Imaging assists with equipping the world’s airports and checkpoints with best-in-class tools for screening baggage against potential threats and contraband, such as weapons, drugs, and explosives. Our line of security components meet today’s stringent airport screening requirements and enable the detection of prevent dangerous goods that could otherwise enter the countries in which they are deployed.

At the International Security Expo, we will be highlighting our ‘Mi6 Physics Package,’ a combination of an interlaced dual-energy Linatron® high-energy X-ray linear accelerator with Varex detectors and state-of-the-art software. Varex’s ACTIS™ software offers optimized image clarity with image manipulation tools developed in conjunction with the requirements of customs organizations around the world.  The interlaced Linatron with its pulse-to-pulse switching capability in combination with Varex synchronized pulse-control detectors provides outstanding material discrimination.

Linear Accelerator - Linatron Mi6

Material Discrimination Software

We will also be showcasing our portable XRpad digital detectors. These security detectors are used in mobile X-ray systems designed for field applications, such as inspecting suspicious packages. These detectors work in harsh conditions, enabling security operators to do their job quickly and safely. The XRpad detectors have outstanding image quality and high resolution, fast image acquisition capabilities, are wireless, lightweight, robust, and are reliable at a wide temperature range.Flat Panel Detectors

In addition to our digital detector, we offer X-ray tubes for security applications, such as baggage and cargo screening. Our X-ray tubes include a broad range of glass and ceramic tubes that provide a variety of target angles, focal spots, and power capabilities.

Our EDS 18-06 is a cost-effective, reliable X-ray tube insert suitable for use in 3D CT baggage screening equipment. The EDS 18-06 tube is a 160 kV source offering 1280 watts of power and 90- degree fan beam.

EDS-1806 X-ray TubeOur HPX 320-11FB is optimized for palletized cargo inspection with up to 110 degrees of coverage. This is a high-power, metal ceramic X-ray tube with a small focal spot (0.4 mm and 1.0 mm) for applications that require geometric magnification.  Fan beam is designed specifically for line scanning applications, such as cargo, security, and conveyor imaging needs.  The HPX 320-11FB has the form/fit/function to replace tubes and is an excellent choice for new product design where compact 320 kV penetration is needed with performance and reliability.

 HPX 320-11FB X-ray tube