XRD 4343CT

For a superior image quality, large field of view, and high-speed real-time imaging, upgrade to a XRD 4343CT flat panel detector from Varex Imaging. The XRD 4343CT is based on the Varex Imaging next generation platform of amorphous silicon (a-Si) flat panel X-ray detectors (FPDs). The enhanced performance of the XRD 4343CT supports a full 43 x 43 cm2 (17 x 17 in2) field of view providing superior imaging for low-dose non-destructive testing and cone beam CT applications.

The Varex Imaging XRD 4343CT offers 150 μm native pixel resolution and frame rates up to 85 fps. XRD 4343CT supports energy levels up to 225 kV and is available with several scintillator options. Rapid system integration is accomplished with real-time image processing PCIe board for host computer, integrated trigger and X-ray synchronization circuitry, and a comprehensive software library for image acquisition and processing.

Features and benefits for the XRD 4343CT flat panel detector include:

  • 15 fps @ 150 μm, 30 fps @ 300 μm (full FOV)
  • 85 fps @ 300 μm (432 mm x 72 mm FOV)
  • 150 μm pixel pitch, 2880 x 2880 pixel matrix
  • Various binning and FOV options
  • 65,536 grey levels (16-bit ADC)
  • Ultra high sensitivity
  • Selectable gain settings
  • Up to 225 kV in microfocus applications
  • Fiber optical interface with real-time corrections
Varex Product
Technology Panel Size Pixel Matrix PIXEL SIZE µm
XRD 4343CT
44 x 43 cm
2880 × 2880