Optimum X-ray beam collimation is a must to reduce radiation exposure and to obtain the best image. Varex's Optica™ collimators ensure quick collimation every time. Our collimators are reliable and easy to use


Manual or Motorized

The Optica collimators are intended for integration with radiography and fluoroscopy systems. All our collimators are equipped with a long-life LED light source that minimizes any maintenance because no adjustment of the field projection lamp or the mirror is required over time.


Optica 20

This is a manually operated collimator with large knobs for direct and accurate adjustment of the light field. Optica 20 CollimatorThe LED can be switched on with a push-button at the front. A laser line shows the center of the beam for correct positioning of the detector. The Optica 20 is available with and without a filter wheel for additional filtering.

For more information, download the datasheet: 


Optica 30 and Optica 40

The beam size of the Optica 30 and 40 is smoothly controlled with motorizeOptica 30 CollimatordOptica 40 Collimator shutters and, when turning the knobs, the light field is automatically switched on. Centering of the detector under the X-ray beam is assisted by a laser line. An interface for remote control (CAN bus) is standard included. The Optica 30 as well as the Optica 40 includes motorized additional filters that can be selected via CAN bus or by the touch screen (Optica 40 only).

For more information, download the datasheets: 



Optica 50

The Optica™ 50 is a motorized collimator for integration in high-end radiography and fluoroscopy systems. This collimator has no dials or buttons and is operated remotely through its CAN-bus.

The Optica 50 is standard equipped with a long-life power LED that projects a bright light field on the exposed area. Aligning the detector under the X-ray beam is made easy with a center laser line. Beam filtration is possible with the optional
motorized filter module. Choose between no filtration or three different aluminum plus copper combinations.

For more information, download the datasheet: 


Choose smart, choose Optica™ collimators.

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