DexView MAM provides enhancement for X-ray system mammography images and is designed to enhance structures and contrast, reduce noise and provide better visualization and image quality.

Why is image enhancement needed in mammography?

A digital mammogram captures the full linear dynamic range of breast tissue. The dynamic range includes:

  • A dense region in the center
  • Less dense in the periphery near the skin
  • High intensity calcification regions or markers

It is difficult to display all regions in a single contrast level. DexView MAM image enhancement software, as part of a X-ray system solution, can perform the following functions:

  • Segmentation of the breast 
  • Peripheral Equalization 
  • Local contrast enhancement
  • De-noising

DexView MAM enhances structures and contrast, reduces noise, which can lead to better visualization and image quality.


DexView MAM before DexView MAM after
An X-ray image before DexView MAM Image Processing was used.
An X-ray image after DexView MAM Image Processing was used.


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