Varex ProductHousingFocal SpotKW RatingTarget AngleHeat Units
G-1077B-160H/B-165H0.6-1.048/9071.0 MHU
G-1078 GridB-160H/B-165H0.6-1.048/9071.0 MHU
G-1080B-160H/B-165H0.6-1.053/90101.0 MHU
G-1082 更多资源B-160H/B-165H0.3-1.013/90101.0 MHU
G-1084 GridB-160H/B-165H0.3-1.013/90101.0 MHU
G-1086 更多资源B-160H/B-165H0.3-1.212/100121.0 MHU
G-1087 GridB-160H/B-165H0.3-1.212/100121.0 MHU
G-1092 更多资源B-160H/B-165H0.6-1.240/100121.0 MHU
G-1094 GridB-160H/B-165H0.6-1.240/100121.0 MHU
G-1582TRI 更多资源B-180H/B-185H0.3-0.6-1.018/60/112101.5 MHU
G-1584TRIB-180H/B-185H0.3-0.6-1.018/60/112101.5 MHU
G-1592 更多资源B-180H/B-185H0.6 -1.247/112121.5 MHU
G-1593BI 更多资源B-180H/B-185H0.3-1.2, 0.8-1.215/112, 57/112121.5 MHU
G-1593TRIB-180H/B-185H0.3-0.8-1.215/57/112121.5 MHU
G-2090TRI 更多资源B-240H0.3-0.6-1.014/45/82122.0 MHU
G-1582BI 更多资源B-180H/B-185H0.3 -1.018/112101.5 MHU

Product Inquiry: OEM Special Procedures

If you have a flat panel service request, proceed to the Flat Panel service report form and provide the requested information.

If you have a tube warranty/product return, please fill out the X-Ray Tubes Housing & Warranty form.

Tubes must be shipped prepaid, along with a completed Tube Service Report form describing the reason for return, operating conditions, installation and removal dates in order to receive warranty consideration.

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