Varex To Showcase New X-Ray Imaging Products At European Congress Of Radiology


Varex Imaging at ECR: Booth #224
Austria Center - Vienna, Austria
Conference & Exhibit: February 27 - March 3

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Varex Imaging Corporation (Nasdaq: VREX) today announced the company will be showcasing its latest X-ray tubes, digital flat panel detectors (FPDs), connect and control devices and software solutions at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna, Austria from February 27– March 3, 2019.

ECR is the annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology (ESR). It is one of the most innovative meetings within the scientific community and one of the largest medical meetings in Europe. Conference attendees span all areas of the radiology arena, including radiology professionals, radiographers, physicists and industry representatives.

Varex brings 65+ years of experience collaborating with customers to integrate components for X-ray applications such as digital fluoroscopy and radiography. Varex provides integrated solutions to enable customers to improve performance, image quality, speed and cost effectiveness.  Varex has deployed more than 23,000 X-ray detectors, 25,000 X-ray tubes and over 1,000 Kilometers of connector cables as X-ray system components for medical and industrial imaging applications.

At ECR 2019, Varex will showcase new and improved products as well as packaged solutions for medical and industrial imaging applications.




A next-generation wireless cassette detector with excellent image quality. The new lightweight design brings curved edges for easier pick up from table top, improved Automatic Exposure Detection (AED), and longer battery life than the prior version.



This FPD product family offers high-definition premium radiography with excellent image quality. Based on 100 µm pixel and direct deposition CsI scintillator, XRpad2 comes in three sizes (3025, 4336 and 4343) and has an option for docking and multi-frame imaging.


X-ray Accessories     

The Optica™ 10 and Optica™ 40 collimators are available for integration with radiography and fluoroscopy systems.


The Harmony Series streamlines workflow and enhances productivity in digital radiography rooms. Harmony buckys are the perfect choice for newly built DR rooms. The series is versatile with models available for the wall, table and U-arm applications.


Nexus DR™ Software             

Varex's Nexus DR™ software is an advanced digital image acquisition system designed to automate patient workflow.  Nexus DR™ can be integrated with various Varex flat panels, providing a packaged solution to address Digital Radiography (DR) application needs.





A second-generation FPD for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) and Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM). Maximum frame rate of 5 fps, 40% higher saturation dose, and improved low dose performance make 3024MX a very robust and cost-efficient choice for 3D tomosynthesis and mammography.



For mammography, Varex offers a large tube portfolio including the widely used M-113 with various housing options. The B-121 is an upgrade to the leading B-115 housing design. The unique fan shroud design allows 300W of heat dissipation, which enables high patient throughput and tomosynthesis imaging minimizing the possibility of overheating the X-ray unit.


X-ray Accessories      

Sensitive Sigma Paddle is a patented new technology that offers personalized breast compression for better quality without unnecessary discomfort.


The CA3 connector is a high voltage mammography connector for up to 60kVDC. This connector is made from a high insulation thermoplastic material that is filled with an insulation compound.


MeVis Online Academy
MeVis Expert           

E-learning and online collaboration software for professional grade training and teleradiological quality management for mammography and other imaging.




3131 CMOS           

A large-area CMOS FPD with exceptional low-dose performance and imaging speed for Mobile C-arm, Cardiovascular, and Dental CBCT applications. 



A competitively priced Radiography & Fluoroscopy (RF) detector with excellent image quality and ease of integration.


XRD 4343RF      

An FPD for applications requiring faster frame rates



Varex brought the revolutionary anode end grounded X-ray tube technology to the CT market and is now bringing that same technology to the cardiovascular / angiography X-ray tube market with the anode end grounded FP-1596.  This is a small, lightweight, compact design with excellent image quality due to significant reduction in off focal radiation. 


X-ray Accessories     

The CA11 (Mini75) is a compact, high voltage connection system for medical X-ray tubes and e.g. test- and measurement applications.  The connection system meets the electrical requirements of IEC 60526 but is only half the size compared to the traditional “Federal Standard” plugs.


The Optica 30 is a motorized collimator for integration with radiography and fluoroscopy systems. 


Nexus DRF™ Software             

Nexus DRF™ is a powerful multi-purpose digital image acquisition software system that combines RF and DR capabilities on one imaging platform using various flat panel detectors


Mobile C-arm


2121DXV & 3030DXV                  

Cost-efficient, high performance Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) FPDs for replacing Image Intensifiers in Mobile C-arm systems



First in a series of Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) based FPDs for Surgical and Dental applications with a 100 µm pixel size. Varex Z platform offers significant performance benefits over a-Si detectors.



This next generation ORIV can house a 4" X-ray tube offering a heat storage and power advantage over the OR III 3" tube housing for today's demanding digital world. 



This tube offers a RF high throughput option without the complexity of a heat exchanger.


Computed Tomography (CT)



The MCS-7500 is a rotating anode insert that is specifically designed for CT Scanners, with capability of X-axis and/or Z-axis steering and adjustable focal spot sizing.



The AI-enabled dedicated software solution for CT lung cancer screening with CAD integration offers high diagnostic quality and workflow efficiency.


"Varex offers industry leading X-ray imaging technologies that can be easily integrated into our customers' systems which can enable excellent image quality, low radiation dose and controlled costs," said Andrew Hartmann, Senior Vice President of Medical Global Sales and Marketing of Varex Imaging Corporation. "We are pleased to share our innovative Solutions in Sight™ with a wide range of companies from the medical equipment marketplace in Europe and throughout the world".

In addition to introducing and improving leading technology, Varex has formed a group of account managers and support engineers to focus on customers who service X-ray imaging equipment. Recognizing customers' challenges, Varex provides cost-effective service in today's competitive healthcare market. At ECR, Varex will be launching its Service Solutions Group - and over the coming months - will provide a series of increased support capabilities designed to enable customers' ability to service systems with Varex components, including:

  • New warranty and service contracts including exchange programs
  • Increased inventory at regional stocking locations
  • More competitive DR and DRF upgrade packages and flat panels
  • Increased range of X-ray tubes
  • Enhanced technical support

At Varex Imaging, we aren't just a supplier to our customers. We aim to be an extension of their teams; a partner in their success; and provide solutions to their challenges. Our goal is to facilitate our customers' ability to provide world class service.  Our knowledge, our people, our innovation and our 65+ year history of dedication to the X-ray imaging industry, make us who we are. At Varex Imaging, we are Solutions in Sight

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