Mammography uses X-rays to capture images (mammograms) of the internal structure of the breast. Good quality mammography can help detect breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages, when it is too small to be felt or detected by other methods. Varex Imaging possess extensive experience in breast imaging, and especially in breast tomosynthesis.

To answer the two emerging trends in mammography—a demand for greater throughput and higher power in advance applications—our X-ray tubes are designed to produce high contrast, lower radiation, and are specifically intended for applications beyond the norm. All of our newer digital tubes can be used with standard three-inch inserts, and feature fan or liquid-cooled housing for higher rates of heat dissipation.

In addition, our mammography flat panel detectors were designed for full-field digital mammography. These panels have compact designs that incorporates a narrower edge, enabling radiologists to acquire highly detailed images close to the chest wall in mere seconds. They have outstanding low dose, high frequency DQE for good image quality with low radiation dose.

When mistakes cannot be afforded, and where time is of the essence, Varex provides the tools necessary to detect, diagnose and protect.

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