Whether you need an X-ray tube, high-energy flat panel detector, or linear accelerator for a nondestructive testing (NDT) application, Varex has the product for you.

We offer a broad range of glass and ceramic X-ray tubes provides a wide range of target angles, focal spots, and power capabilities for nondestructive testing applications. For inspection operations requiring different parameters and high-resolution imaging, Varex offers dual and single focus tubes with small focal spots, as well as X-ray tubes with beryllium (Be) for low inherent filtration. This technology aids professionals in analyzing the integrity of pipelines, industrial structures, etc., without damaging the materials or systems in question.

Our flat panel digital detectors are designed to meet a broad spectrum of imaging applications. With various size offerings, Varex detectors prevent geometric distortion and minimize effects of magnetic field and radiation. Our detector technology allows customers to take full advantage of superior digital image quality along with high throughput, as well as CT capabilities. These detectors present a uniform, undistorted, high-resolution image throughout the field of view, enabling technicians to take images of the internal structures of objects such as electronic circuits and mechanical parts.

For higher energy requirements, our linear accelerators provide a variety of of dose, energy, and focal spot sizes.

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