Volume Graphics User Group Meeting

Sept 12-13
Heidelberg, Germany

Booth #9

Join us at the Volume Graphics User Group Meeting in Heidelberg, Germany for the latest in NDT imaging.

  • Our flat panel detectors enhance NDT 3D CBCT systems with their high dynamic range and contrast; high saturation dose, high speed and small pixel pitch.
  • 4343HE and 2530HE FPDs are offer excellent image acquisition for high-energy CT.
  • XRD 1611 FPD offers high resolution with real 100 µm at a wide energy range.
  • XRD 1621 FPD offers excellent frame rate and resolution for CBCT.
  • Our HPX series X-ray tubes are ideal for CBCT with their high-energy range from 160 kV to 450 kV, a robust design and the ability to handle any rotation.  We are developing a new product in the EDS range with a focal spot and energy range combination which is optimized for CBCT.

For more information, visit https://www.volumegraphics.com/en/company/user-group-meeting.html