Our fast, real time flat panel detectors are designed to cope with the demands of ever-smaller electrical components and compliance with tighter quality standards. Our flat panels are used in X-ray inspection systems to provide high resolution images which increase the ability to identify defects in electronic components and products. These flat panels enable X-ray inspection systems to acquire high-precision images and facilitate defect analysis for the PCB assembly and semiconductor industries, not only within failure analysis laboratories but also within the production environment. Our Dexela family of CMOS detectors are used to inspect PCBs, silicon wafers, and advanced packaging solutions such as bump bonding and TSVs.

Our detectors are easy to integrate and enhance X-ray inspection systems which are indispensable in any electronics production area. They have a long lifetime, high speed, high sensitivity, robust design, and high resolution that make them the best choice for electronics inspection X-ray systems. 

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