Organizational Changes Focus on Growth in China and Industrial Imaging

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Sunny Sanyal

Chief Executive Officer

Demand for new CTs is expanding rapidly in China as the government focuses on expanding and modernizing healthcare.  It is expected that China will need between 20-30 thousand new CTs over the next 10 years.   As healthcare delivery in China evolves, it will also pave the way for further investments in the future by Chinese OEMs in other modalities such as mammography, cardiovascular, and surgery.   Over the past several years we have been engaged with many OEMs in China who are working rapidly to bring new CTs to market. 

At the same time over the last few years we have seen a steady growth in activity globally in a variety of industrial imaging applications.  With the improvement in performance and cost effectiveness of imaging technologies, the use of imaging in non-destructive inspection is growing rapidly.   Many new 2D and 3D imaging industrial applications are making a difference in quality and speed of automated inspections in manufacturing.  At the same time, new security measures at airports, ports and borders have continued to drive adoption of imaging for vehicles and containers, and CT based imaging for checked and carry-on baggage. 

These trends are very encouraging and exciting for us.  To ensure we have a clear focus on delivering in these areas and helping our customers succeed, there has been a reorganization in senior leadership.

In a newly created role, Carl LaCasce will be reporting to me leading the industrial segment as Senior Vice President and General Manager. Carl and his team are highly capable senior leaders with proven track records. We expect to further evolve our strategic plans for the industrial segment and drive growth through investments in quality, delivery, and new product introductions.

Another change to our team includes the addition of Andrew Hartmann will join Varex as Senior Vice President Global Sales and Marketing, Medical Solutions. Andrew comes to Varex from Carestream Health where over the past 7 years he was in leadership roles and made great contributions to the company. In his position, Andrew will take over responsibilities for sales, marketing, and service centers for our Medical segment. Under Andrew’s leadership, Varex will continue to press forward with investments in innovation and continue to raise the bar on quality and delivery.  

Our vision is “To be the world’s leader in imaging components through the delivery of high quality products that enable our customers’ success.” These changes will not only sharpen our focus on the China CT and industrial imaging market, but on quality, delivery, and innovation in every segment that we serve. I am very excited about the opportunities ahead of us.