X-ray inspection provides quality assurance for all types of cast parts. Typical casting flaws can occur in all casting techniques that involve materials such as iron, aluminum, magnesium or zinc. Even when the greatest care is taken, a major risk remains that externally unrecognizable casting flaws occur due to the complex interactions in the casting process. However, they can be easily identified using X-ray inspection.

Typical inspection tasks for cast parts include verification of blowholes and the formation of pores, blisters and thermal cracking; geometric measurement of inner structures; wall thickness analysis, dimensional changes and inclusions. Quality inspection using X-ray systems enables even high unit volumes to be checked for flaws rapidly and this way cast parts with a deviating casting structure can be easily identified and sorted out of the production process at an early stage. The possibility also exists to draw conclusions regarding casting quality from the types of flaws found, and then increase productivity by initiating appropriate measures.

Our flat panel detectors enable our customers to optimize their casting X-ray inspection system with our special radiation-hardened detector design. Our NDT detectors are capable of withstanding high radiation energies and dosages. They feature ultra-high contrast and image resolution, which allows you to detect even the most subtle micro-features and inconsistencies in cast parts.

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