Mammography and 3D mammography (also known as tomosynthesis) is a specific type of X-ray imaging that uses a low dose X-ray specially designed for creating detailed images of the breast known as mammograms.  Mammography is either used as a screening tool to detect early breast cancer in women without signs or symptoms of breast disease or to diagnose a breast disease in women with symptoms such as a lump, pain, or discharge.

Varex X-ray tubes have been used to complete about a billion mammograms.  Our tubes are designed for high contrast, consistent radiation emission and quiet operation.  Today we are supporting an advance in digital mammography with a new tube that uses less radiation to show abnormalities in the breast with greater clarity and depth than ever. 

Varex Imaging partners with leading OEMs to provide X-ray tubes designed to produce high contrast and lower radiation. Our newer digital X-ray tubes can be used with standard three-inch inserts, and feature fan or liquid-cooled housing for higher rates of heat dissipation.

Our mammography flat panel detectors were designed for full-field digital mammography (FFDM). These panels have compact, more comfortable designs that incorporate a narrower edge, which enables radiologists to quickly acquire highly detailed images close to the chest wall. In addition to more compact designs, our flat panels are low dose, and feature high frequency detector quantum efficiency (DQE) for great image quality.

For specialized breast imaging software, Varex offers MeVis software through MeVis Medical Solutions AG. MeVis software analyzes and presents images from mammography screening to support an earlier, faster, and more reliable diagnosis.

To complete your mammography and tomosynthesis system, Varex Imaging also offers high voltage connectors.